Relocate your business or industry in Southeast Iowaincentives and support from local and state economic development agencies create new opportunities for business start-ups at the Commerce Center of Southeast Iowa.

Armament Retooling Manufacturing Support (ARMS)

Armament Retooling Manufacturing Support (ARMS) is an opportunity for business growth and expansion using Government ammunition industrial facilities and equipment. The program allows contractors operating Government-Owned-Contractor-Operated (GOCO) facilities to market available facilities to the private sector at competitive rates, including land, buildings, equipment, utilities, communications, transportation, and skilled workers. Businesses that can be supported at the Commerce Center are as varied as those on Main Street or in any industrial park.

Under the ARMS initiative, Government-Owned-Contractor-Operated sites can provide businesses the opportunity to be a part of a thriving commercial manufacturing center. Attractive and flexible Armament Retooling Manufacturing Support (ARMS) financial incentives and competitive long-term rates can assist with business expansion. The numerous opportunities available at the Commerce Center of Southeast Iowa may be the 'push' your business needs to move to the next level.

To promote this effort, various incentives are available:

Building Alterations/Modification Funds
To improve and modify buildings to accommodate commercial or non-traditional tenants. These improvements can be tailored to meet your defined business needs. Exact funding amounts are negotiated and are based on overall business revenues received. This is a Zero interest program.
Equipment Upgrade/Modification Funds
For the upgrade or modification of production equipment located at the facility for specific commercial reuse efforts. Funds may also be provided to bring existing government-owned production equipment into compliance with required health and safety codes.
Environmental Baseline Funds
To conduct an initial visual inspection and records search for areas requested.
Engineering Feasibility Study Funds
To conduct engineering and/or feasibility studies at the site to determine compatibility of equipment and facilities with specific commercial processes.
Equipment Movement Funds
For the installation and movement of contractor or government-owned equipment located on the facility.
Equipment Replacement Funds
For the replacement of emergency-planned equipment that has been consumed or worn-out.

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